Greetings Reader;

I see you have found your way to my humble blog, be sure to browse the art and music, and take a look at Elipsies.

You wish to know about me?

Very well, I’m a 16 year old South African Brony, interested in music, programming, game design, and of course: art. I am lucky enough to be studying music and art at school, something not many others can experience. My only complaint being the complete lack of organisation skills on my part. I’m currently working on Elipsies, a psychological horror FPS game for PC, which is my favorite platform. Did I mention as well that I’m an avid gamer and have participated in the DGL? I also love photography, and have a few awesome pics imo xD.

As for the game design part of things, I’ve done everything from modelling to programming, GUI design, the works. Currently I’m working as a C# coder for unity, and doing some Level Design in the process, as well as doing admin on the Elipsies page, and designing the banners and writing the news posts. I’ve done Flash animations, gifs in GIMP, and written a few short stories. In short I’ve pretty much sampled a wide range of fields inside the game industry. Hopefully one day I’ll get out there (hopefully indie, gotta love indie) and do something awesome, but for now I guess it’s just building up knowledge. You can see more of my artworks at my Deviantart page here.

Well that’s enough about me, be sure to leave comments if you like any of my artworks c: .


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