Tanks! Vectors of Tanks!

So the week rolls around again, almost Tuesday already :\. Anyways: this is what I did over the weekend, instead of doing an Art Essay :P. Did I mention…TANKS! VECTORS OF TANKS!!

Hummel SPG, Simplistic-like.

Grille SPG

SU-26 – Lumo Green Edition

For those who don’t know: SPG stands for ‘Self-Propelled-Gun’, which is fancy talk for ‘Artillery’ or ‘BFG’. The simplistic style is something I just gave a shot at, and it looks pretty awesome :D.

And then there’s something I put together about an hour ago, as always, it was done in Illustrator.

A good old wallpaper, with extra blue! Click the image to be taken to download page for the large image.

Oh, I almost forgot to explain the flood of Tank vectors. I’ve been playing a bit too much World of Tanks, a free to play MMO, where you play as: you’re never going to guess… Tanks! Anyways, on whenever the 7th of June was…sometime last week I think, Wargaming.net announced a contest, for a shirt design. The winners get some pretty awesome in-game stuff, and a bunch of apparel vouchers for Jinx.

I’m more in for the ingame stuff, but hey! Free Stuff!! 😀

Anyways, lemme stop before I start ranting about WoT, I’ve got tests to study for :P.

M3ales, Signing off


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