Weekend’s Already Over

Weekends already over again :|, Got a stack of tests and projects due this week, so not much is going to be happening here as far as I can see, but who knows, maybe I’ll be here more often.

Have another awesome piece of concept art I’ve found, and take a look at a vector I just did :P, also there’s some music there too 🙂

Another Awesome Artwork 😀

Now to the vector:

Wren, Lemme know what you think 🙂 (Click to go to my DeviantArt)

So I was just screwing around in illustrator, and I decided to give a shot at doing something straight out of my head, no refs, no sketches. Turned out pretty well :), I’ll probably use this style more in the future and do some more work on the eyes.

Here’s some music a friend of mine has been doing:

And stuff that I’ve been listening to:

^Love this one 😛

Until Next Time



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